A New Payments Landscape

Leveraging Buy Now, Pay Later for B2B Transactions

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Why BNPL gained popularity in B2B commerce at the onset of the pandemic, indicating an increased interest in short-term financing options.

Learn about certain risks that come along with B2B BNPL that the providers need to recognize.

Why BNPL for B2B has the potential to resolve a lot of challenges faced by merchants and wholesalers.

Understand the future of BNPL in the B2B market, which is more than 5x larger than B2C, is ripe for the introduction of BNPL.

A bigger market

The B2B payments opportunity

BNPL provider risks

Future of B2B BNPL transactions 

Learn more about how your B2B company can add a Buy Now, Pay Later option to your checkout!

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